Very Advanced, Effective & most Accurate TRADING SIGNALS to Retail Clients Globally in very simple instruction formats of “BUY”, “SELL” and “HOLD”.

The said signals will confidently remain in effect until market momentum changes or is about to change in a different direction.
The Issued signals are updated every day before markets open and after they close, offering ample opportunity for the trader to apply timely positioning.
Trading Ingenuity at the request of clients may take up “Coaching & Training” of how- to – utilize the trading signals issued by the TSA through TRADING INGENUITY ENTERPRISES to the clients.

Investment & Analytical SOLUTIONS to Companies involved in the Capital Markets.

Trading Ingenuity’s services and solutions offers a package consisting of but not limited to, analytical application: thought process, decision making and finally execution for investment. Also, there are features on the website that allow running of complex analysis on the TSA’s Capital Markets Analytics and its accuracy rates on any instrument in any chosen time period within any desired asset class carried out and delivered by TSA to the WEBSITE in any time zone.

“Coaching & Training” to Investment & Analytical participants can be purchased as an extra benefit to the clients which goes to complement the full package of the analytical services via which;
The clients will learn how to familiarize themselves with interaction and utilization of the analytical data using Power BI (Business Intelligence) embedded in the website which allows the investors & the analysts on EXCELL format to execute analytical functions on our TSA’s results for market momentum through custom analytical charts creation and full market analysis reports and dynamics and more. These tools will help the Analysts and Investors to sharpen their approach on all of the market instruments and dynamics across all asset classes Globally, and/ or their desired watch list. This also, will render the clients the great feeling of independency from many analytical tasks whether done by themselves or by other analytical firms which require much studying and digesting away from all of the media noise and human emotions.
Investment and Analytical firms who choose to subscribe to Trading Ingenuity’s Solutions, will be allowed to re-distribute the analytical results to their clientele in exchange for an agreed royalty amount paid to Trading Ingenuity.

Licensing the TSA to the Capital Markets’ Investment community & Analytical Companies.

Investment & Analytical Firms are welcome to purchase TSA as a licensee for a set period of time, minimum two-year terms, strictly for their own use.
The re-distribution will be limited to “the final results” to their retail clients and none-retail/ firms’ clients, in exchange for an agreed royalty amount.
In the event, the Analytical or Investment Company decides to allow their none-retail clientele to be licensed as well, they need to secure prior consent of Trading Ingenuity for extending the licensing agreement to cover those clients, also in exchange for an agreed royalty amount.