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Here is the most frequently asked questions.

How will I know I am receiving the best markets’ analysis?2023-07-04T14:51:06+00:00

It is based on CFR which is the hardest but most reliable analytical methodology which has proved to be around for many decades and applied only by a very few analysts moreover, no other software exists to rival it in its accuracy, and it also covers a vast variety and numbers of instruments simultaneously.

How will the 100% money-back guarantee work?2023-09-18T15:49:52+00:00

Other than just offering the most unique analytical features worldwide, we are also covering our retail clients, who are the most vulnerable, with the 100% money-back guarantee, as long as the traders have used the trading signals issued by TSA during the subscription period and the signals did not meet the minimum threshold of 60% accuracy rate, They are refunded 100% of subscription for that period.

What distinguishes TSA analytical software from competitors?2023-09-18T15:50:53+00:00

Simply put, there is just no other analytical software product that covers all the asset classes around the clock worldwide with such an accuracy rate and methodology before markets open in any time zone.

Why TSA, Total Solution Analytics, the analytical software is unique worldwide?2023-09-18T15:58:28+00:00

This is the only capital markets analytical software that covers many thousands of instruments across all asset classes worldwide and also offers simple Buy, Sell, and Hold instructions using charts formations recognitions (CFR).

What subscription package is most beneficial for Retail Clients?2023-07-04T15:10:30+00:00

Depending on the needs of each client we have arranged a suitable package to choose from.

What asset classes does your analytical software, TSA cover?2023-09-18T16:00:55+00:00

TSA covers all that there is; Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, Cryptos, Indices.

How many assets are analyzed and ready for trade/investment every day?2023-09-18T16:02:53+00:00

Thousands and many more are added every so often based on the market’s demands and coverage expansion.

What is the average accuracy rate of TSA analytics?2023-09-18T16:03:22+00:00

62% with a degree of variability.

How can I get more information about the accuracy rate of the software, TSA, and its analytical results from the past?2023-09-18T16:09:02+00:00

All you need to do is subscribe and use the analytical tools available to you enabled by “Power Business Intelligence” to run/ check to see the accuracy rates of our analytics from the past on all instruments.

Is this a robot? And does it trade for me? Is this an algorithm trader?2023-09-18T16:15:25+00:00

Not at all. Not at all. And Not at all. TSA is a one-of-a-kind capital markets analytical software program that offers simple BUY, SELL and HOLD investment instructions.

Does TSA software program have a scientific base?2023-09-18T16:16:00+00:00

Absolutely. It is purely Artificial Intelligence and takes into account many complex calculations and probabilities.

Does the software, TSA, take any indicators and/or news into consideration?2023-09-18T16:20:35+00:00

No. TSA analytical results/instructions of independents are totally independent of any news and indicators and events which are all lagging dynamics. TSA is particularly designed to allow for early positioning before any news, events, or occurrences.

Do the formulas used in the software, TSA, expire? And does it apply to just one instrument or asset class in a limited time period?2023-09-18T16:23:43+00:00

Not at all. Rest assured the formulas have been around for many decades and will be for many centuries to come. And they apply to all asset classes in any time period considered.

What do you mean by the “Time Machine” feature?2023-09-18T16:26:38+00:00

It is to soothe the most cynical minds about TSA’s accuracy rates by taking it back in time in terms of chart data given to TSA and checking the future results with respect to the chosen past time period for its trading and investment instructions.


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