i will be publishing my thoughts on new trades, based on pattern recognition, as they come up for interested parties’ viewing;

the best trades, for the next two months, in currencies, would be to short the following instruments;

EUR/ GBP at about here, 0.8770 all the way to 0.8430 until august of this year.

USD/CAD at about here, 1.3015 all the way to 1.2235 or even lower to 1.2025 until middle of july of this year.

great new eventwe are performing back tests on a pilot where we may be able to upload trades and signals on a regular basis and on a number of instruments across various asset classes, and if we are able to finalize it, it shall be made available on a huge volume. but that is just a potential and we need to take care many great details. fingers crossed.

please share with us your views on our new endeavor, also, let us know what you want to trade or you may need confirmation on any trade and we will work to get you our best analysis on those trades a.s.a.p. based solely on charts pattern recognition, no fundamentals attached. heck, send us you test results charts and we will analyse it for you and tell you the results of our calculations of the probabilities as to how it is going to go in the future time frames. that is what pattern recognition does independent of any events, news and fundamentals.

Moe Tabrizi, Dynamic Trading

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